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Above All Duct Cleaning Services Ltd.

Above All Duct Cleaning Services Ltd. is an Edmonton based company accredited by the Better Business Bureau specializing in the cleaning and restoration of all types of HVAC and ventilation systems for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and health care facilities. All of our technicians are individually NADCA certified and are trained professionals with 4 to 15 years of experience.

Above All Duct Cleaning Services Ltd. uses the latest truck mounted equipment, portable equipment and robotics. Our company is COR certified and members of ISNetworld, Avetta, ComplyWorks and the Alberta Construction Safety Association. Safety is Above All and our technicians strive to uphold safety excellence to ensure work is done correctly and safely. All of our technicians are CSTS and WHMIS trained and have many other certifications such as Ariel Work Platform, Fall Protection, Confined Space and First Aid.

The term Sick Building Syndrome descibes a building where its occupants tend to get sick more often, the common ailments are colds, flu, headaches, difficulty concentrating, asthma and dizziness, which if in a workspace or school can deminish productivity and increase absenteeism. Sick Building syndrome is usually traced back to poor indoor air quality.

Ensuring a regular cleaning of the buildings heating, cooling and ventilation systems can improve the air quality, reduce symptoms of sick bulding syndrome, comply with standards and reduce energy costs.

Above All Duct Cleaning Services Ltd. backs up all services with before and after photos of ductwork, video inspection, certificate of completion and Level 1 or 2 cleaning specification testing.


Our Services
Cleaning of all types of ductwork including galvanized, stainless steel, perforated, flex, acoustic and all parts associated with the HVAC system.
Health Care facilities including operating rooms and other sensitive areas.
Disinfecting and sanitizing of entire systems.
Air wash and power wash of all types of coils.
Cleaning of roof top units, air handling units, make up air units, fan coils and induction units.
Kitchen and bathroom vents including shafts and fans.
Fire places, boilers and dust collectors.
Recoating of internally lined ductwork that is in poor condition and restoration of air handling units.
Dust removal for sandblasting contracts.
Mold testing and remediation.
Indoor air quality testing.
Diversified in all types of dryer vent cleaning for high-rises and condos.
Why Choose Us
  • Technicians with over 40 years combined experience
  • Top of the line equipment
  • Each technician holds NADCA Certification
  • Excellent customer service and performance
  • Understands the need for quick turnarounds
  • Technicians trained in all types of work environments